Location (Geography) and Connections

lokacijaThe City of Sombor is located in the northwest corner of Serbia between European corridors 7 and 10. Extensive network of local and regional roads and railway tracks connects these two corridors through Sombor and its surroundings. International port and customs services are located on the Danube river in Bezdan, just 25km from the center of the city. Sombor has several border crossings and lies 28km from Hungary and 25km from Croatia. The city serves as a cargo and passenger railway hub with connections to Subotica, Vrbas, Bogojevo and Apatin, with a possibility of establishing further international connections to Croatia and Hungary. However, not all tracks are electrified and most of them are single-tracks.


Military airport, which is placed 7km from the city, is currently not operational since it was heavily damaged in the 1999 bombings campaign. Nevertheless, its conversion into civil airport is envisioned by the Development strategy of the Ministry of Defense. There are several propositions regarding this conversion which are empowered by the fact that this airport has the least number of foggy days in the country and can easily serve as an alternative airport and landing strip for the international airfields in the region.


Sombor has a great potential of becoming one of the most important commercial and transportation hubs in Serbia and in the wider region as well. Being mostly agriculture environment, companies positioned in Sombor could be able to produce a variety of healthy and organic food products and transport them to the whole of Europe in no more than 24 hours.


The Tourist Organization of Sombor has in its portfolio a great number of localities and places which can be of interest to domestic and foreign visitors. One of them is National Reserve „Gornje Podunavlje“, a place of great beauty and  ecological diversity.

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